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Simon Ang - Logipolis Consulting Mgr - N
Simon Ang - Clarity Sys Name Card.jpg

Logipolis / Clarity Systems

Consulting Manager,

Jul 1996 - Apr 2005

After six years as a Systems Analyst at PSA, I joined Clarity Systems, a Singapore-based software house that specializes in Logistics solutions and other turnkey applications.

My experience at Clarity has helped me hone my software development skills with iLOG Views / Solver, C++, Borland Delphi and Oracle database programming. I was involved in the implementation of various turnkey projects with optimization-based themes such as the Press Configuration System (PCS) for Singapore Press Holdings and Ticketing and Dispatching Systems for Airport Limo, Malaysia. I co-authored and presented a paper on the PCS at the iLOG Users' Conference, Paris in 1998.

In 2000, Clarity was acquired by a HK-based inverstor group and and rebranded as Logipolis. PSA subsequently acquired Logipolis in 2003. As a Consulting Manager, I was involved in various TMS implementations using Logipolis' products for clients in Singapore and abroad.

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