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Simon Ang - MavenWire Name Card.jpg

MavenWire Inc.

Solution Architect,

Jun 2012 - Mar 2016

I joined MavenWire in 2012 after it acquired the APAC consulting practice of Enterprise Integration Inc (EII). During my stint at MavenWire, I was fortunate to work with major brands such as Li & Fung (LF Logistics) and APL Logistics (APLL). One of my notable achievements was being the lead solution architect in driving the process harmonization workshops across 8 countries and help architecting a scalable TMS solution for LF Logistics.


At APLL, I was involved in the implementation of the Shipment Optimizer project. This project utilizes OTM to build optimized container shipments for a global sports apparel and footwear manufacturer. Products are shipped from 10 different origins in Asia to various destinations in North America and Latin America.

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